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Fiscal Sponsorship
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Fiscal Sponsorship

Open Collective Foundation offers fiscal sponsorship as a service to help initiatives get up and running fast. There's no need to create a bank account or legal entity! Our platform enables you to easily receive donations and pay expenses. Learn More

Reduce Your Overhead
We manage funds for your initiative

Reduce your overhead

We take care of receiving tax-deductible donations for your initiative through our registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. We manage your expenses, file taxes, and take care of accounting. Let us do the admin so you can focus on your mission!

Increase capacity
Purpose-built to streamline your process

Increase capacity

We automate the back-end processes so you can spend less time doing admin. On your dashboard, you can see your current budget, how much you've spent, and everything you need to tell your donors how to fund you. Reporting is automatic and in real time.

Ready to get started

Ready to get started?

Open Collective Foundation helps you run your initiative with minimal hassle. Grantees and project participants will love the simplicity and accessibility, and you’ll love how much your overhead is reduced.

We will set up a call and help you get started

We enable initiatives to focus on their mission

Financial Admin

Financial Admin

Many initiatives don’t have a bank account or a charity legal entity set up to receive funds. We help them by taking care of tax reporting and financial admin. We keep track of the budget, process expense claims, and handle payments. Easily add multiple grants from different sources into one budget.

Pay Expenses

Pay your expenses

Anyone in your initiative can submit expenses. Once approved by you, we process them for payment via bank transfer or PayPal. A dashboard allows you to easily view, approve, and request payment expenses all in one place.

Tax deductible

Tax deductible donations

Allow your supporters to make tax deductible donations via credit card, bank transfer, or PayPal. Donors can also easily give via matching gift or donor-advised fund (DAF). We can provide the invoices and documentation your funders need.

Community features

Engage your community

Our platform provides tools for you to build strong relationships with your supporters. You also join our network of hosted initiatives and become part of a supportive and growing open-source community.

Our Fees

In order to support you better, we use the Open Collective Platform to manage your initiative.

Fiscal Sponsorship Fees

5 %
Crowdfunding On each incoming donation made via the Open Collective Platform
4-8 %
Bank Transfer or Check **Based on amount raised

*Third-party payment processors (like Stripe and Paypal) charge separate fees on each transaction made using their service. Learn more here.

**8% Up to 500k raised. - 6% Up to 1 Million raised. - 4% Over a Million raised


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Our Fiscally Sponsored Projects have received funding through Open Collective Foundation from these entities.

General Information and Terms of Fiscal Sponsorship

What is your mission?

The Open Collective Foundation’s mission is to provide a simple, open, lightweight path for charitable initiatives and communities to operate through a 501(c)(3) entity. Read more about our impact areas here.

What is fiscal sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship, often referred to as fiscal hosting within the Open Collective context, is when an organization holds funds on behalf of smaller projects (which we call initiatives) and often also provides administrative services such as financial oversight and management. Read more about fiscal hosting and fiscal sponsorship here.

Who needs a fiscal host?

Fiscal hosting is a great option for many different kinds of collaborative groups and communities. Some are ongoing projects that want to raise funds over a long-term period, newly-formed grassroots groups that want to quickly accept tax-deductible donations (without going through onerous IRS processes), and initiatives that want to organize their fundraising efforts, spending, and expenses in a transparent way. Read more about what we offer!

How does it work?

Once you have joined Open Collective Foundation, you can immediately begin receiving tax-deductible donations and spending funds on your expenses. You have a dashboard to manage your initiative, and our platform takes care of donation receipts, generates invoices, and takes care of your overhead. You have complete, 24/7 access to manage your funds on our platform. See more about the basics here.

What does it mean to have 501(c)(3) status?

When you hear that an organization is a “501(c)(3)” in the US, that means they have been approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt, charitable organization. Initiatives hosted by OCF, through our 501(c)(3) status, can receive grants and tax-deductible donations that are usually only available to established nonprofits. Read our in-depth discussion of all these terms here.

How do you compare to other options?

Open Collective Foundation and the Open Collective platform offer unique features that you won't find anywhere else. Read all about how we're different.

Do you still have questions?

Read more about us and what do in our Documentation + FAQs, or if you would like us to contact you, send us an email, and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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The pandemic hasn’t stopped.

Neither have we.

OCF is again offering fee-free* fiscal hosting to any newly formed COVID relief groups.

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Support communities with mutual aid.

Discover groups to donate to, or join with your own
*Groups must be formed after July 1, 2020. Offer of 0 fees applies from now-Dec 31, 2020.

Join Open Collective today with your COVID-relief mutual aid group. Learn more or to start collecting tax-deductible donations asap.

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